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Artist Bio

Artist who Paints Hedge Funds:

Artist Bio

Joseph M. Chirum was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1978, and grew up in a hard working class Italian, German, Irish, English, and American family, with American values, in the shadow of the industrial revolution, and artist Andy Warhol.

The Artist discovered his love for Art at a very young age by drawing “connect the dots” and having fun making art in “coloring books”. Through cultural immersion, and intensive private schooling, the Artist developed and cultivated his skills for many years.

The Artist’s encounter with tie-dye art began around 1994-1995 when at 15-16 years of age, the Artist began going to "Grateful Dead shows", considered by many to be “Live Art Happenings”. In the Art Spirit, batik and wearable Art symbolizes and encompasses the unfolding of time, space, and the fabric of continuity, and historical traditions.

The Artist is continually intrigued by both paint on canvas and pigment on fabric art, the art of which explores craft, medium, process, technique, and represents Art in one of its most ancient, basic, functional, and practical forms, wearable Art. The Artist’s exploration paint on canvass and batik wearable art continues to the present, with the Artist’s Art business, “Sun and Rain Works”.

Upon entering into studies at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the Artist took the class “Philosophy of Art”, which would sow the seeds for many Art Works to come in later years. In 1999, the Artist began the study of Philosophy at the Pennsylvania State University. In May of 2004, the Artist graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Philosophy B.A. and a Religious Studies B.A.

In 2004, the Artist moved to Eugene, Oregon, following in the footsteps of Art pioneers Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. In 2007, the Artist received a life changing Art Vision, in which information regarding the Art market and its interconnections to the current global Economic crisis became apparent through the involvements of Hedge Funds in the Art Market, and complex derivatives and financial innovations, which nobody understands, and which are not open to public visibility due to obfuscation, and the extreme opacity of the Art Market.

Metaconceptual Art was created and returned to form, from the formless.
In May of 2009, the Artist auctioned an artwork with Sotheby’s NYC May photograph auction, Lot 16, as a performance act of Metaconceptual Art. This Live Art Work was titled “WTF is Ansel Adams ?!”.

The Artist’s Art based business is named “Sun and Rain Works”. Art is our business. “Sun and Rain Works: It’s the stuff Life is made out of…”

The Artist’s artistic influences include Duchamp, Pollock, LeWitt, Picasso, de Kooning, Rauschenberg, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Arthur C. Danto, Kaltenbach, Richter, Hirst, Fraser, Emin, Quinn, and many, many others.  The Artist is helping to turn the page in Art History, as we are well overdue for an Art Paradigm Shift. All of Art History is Contemporary Art first. Metaconceptual Art is happening now.